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Long-term care insurance – help when in need of care

People are living longer and longer and then are often dependent on assistance in order to manage daily life. As a BIG member you and members of your family are of course also covered by statutory long-term care insurance. This means you are entitled to specific home care services.

Help with everyday life

You can claim for this entitlement for example if you need long-term assistance for routine activities in daily life. This includes personal hygiene, meals, mobility and housekeeping.

Extent of care

The extent of services for home care primarily depends on the level of care you require.

Benefits in the case of restricted daily living skills, for outpatient care

From 1 July 2008 a basic rate and a higher rate will be introduced, depending on the level of care required. The rate for care increases from 460 euros per year previously to 100 euros per month (basic rate) or 200 euros per month (higher rate), i.e. to 1,200 euros or 2,400 euros per year. People with a comparatively low general need for care will receive the basic rate. People with a relatively high general need for care will receive the higher rate.

Details about the assignment to one of the categories will be determined by the time the reform by the national associations of long-term care funds comes into force as part of the regulation. Amounts not claimed during one calendar year can be carried forward to the next six calendar months.

People with restricted daily living skills on the so-called care level 0 will be awarded these benefits too for the first time.

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