Exemption from the compulsory health insurance for students

In Germany, you must be enrolled as a university student at a state or state-recognized university. Due to your enrollment, you are regularly subject to the compulsory health and long-term care insurance with a statutory health insurance company of your choice. This obligation begins with the first semester or at the latest on the day of your enrolment (matriculation) after the start of the first semester.
However, you can be exempted from this obligation at the beginning of your studies if you already have another form of health insurance, for example private health insurance.

This is how the exclusion from compulsory health insurance works

  • You can use our digital application for the exemption - even if you are not insured with BIG.
  • Submit the exemption application within 3 months of starting your studies.

Important information regarding the exemption

  • Once the exemption has been approved, it cannot be revoked and is usually valid for the entire period of your studies.
  • The exemption is not tied to a specific health insurance company. It applies to all statutory health insurances.
  • The application for exemption must be submitted within 3 months of you starting your studies.
  • Family insurance is not possible with an exemption.
  • The exemption also applies to the long-term care insurance.

When is an exemption NOT necessary?

  • You start your studies after the age of 30.
  • You enroll in a promotional program after your master's, diploma or state examination.
  • You work more than 20 hours per week on a regular basis.
  • You are not from Germany, but from another EU country, an EEA country, Switzerland, the United Kingdom or a treaty country.
  • You receive benefits from the employment agency or you are a farmer or an artist.