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What makes BIG stand out from the crowd

You are not only receiving the standard statutory health insurance benefits when choosing your coverage through BIG but also some very smart additional benefits.

Some examples are:

Bonus program: Up to 320 Euro cash back.

You may be eligible to receive a bonus of up to 320 Euro directly deposited to your checking account. Take care of your health - it's worth it: Whether you use preventive care, preventive medicine or participate in sports, you can earn a bonus of up to 320 Euro

  • You can earn bonuses for using preventive care
  • Do you and your family get dental and cancer screenings regularly?
  • Is your blood pressure and your BMI as it should be? Prefect! Along with your registration in the BIGtionär bonus program, this quickly adds up to more than 220 Euro for you. Your bonus is paid directly to your bank account once every year.
  • If you want to do more for your health and accept challenges, you can get 100 Euro on top for additional insurance, glasses or fitness trackers
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  • Professional dental cleaning: For a radiant smile: We are supporting you once a year with 50 Euro for your professional dental cleaning.
  • Travel vaccinations: Have a great trip: We will reimburse all necessary travel vaccinations for your travel destination. For malaria prophylaxis and hepatitis A/B it adds up to 300 Euro.
  • Back and spine training: Take care of yourself and your health: BIG supports your with two prevention courses per year for up to 120 Euro per course. We support you with up to 240 Euro in total.
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Family and children

  • Preterm birth prevention: You can benefit from an additional preventive check-up between the 16th and 24th week of pregnancy.
  • Midwife on-call service: Everything surrounding your birth- the midwife is always there. We cover the on-call service for up to 250 Euro.
  • Preventive care for children and young people. The best care possible from birth with preventive examinations U1 to U9. BIG also covers the examinations U10, U11, J1 and J2!
  • Online program "See better while playing" With the "Spielend besser sehen!" program, children can improve their vision with fun therapy games.
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Fit and active

  • Rehabilitation sports and functional training: Get active, fit and productive after an illness with targeted training.
  • Sport-medical examination: Fit and healthy: Every two year we support you with 300 Euro for a sports medical examination.
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Alternative Healing Methods

  • Alternative healing methods. BIG covers the cost of homeopathic treatments_
  • Release blockages with targeted hand movements. BIG supports you with 4 treatments per year for up to 160 Euro a year_
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  • Micro-invasive treatment of back pain: Chronic back pain can be treated gently with micro-invasive pain therapy from the Grönemeyer Institutes in Bochum and Berlin.
  • Online self-help for psychological stress: Digital programs provide fast and direct help for psychological problems. BIG covers the costs of approved Digital Health Applications (DiGA) for mental stress panic disorders and depression.
  • Treatment of chronic diseases: Disease Management Programs (DMP) for certain chronic diseases by network doctors and hospitals for optimized treatment. Participants receive a 40-Euro bonus.
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Customer Service

We are happy to help you in English! Just contact us with your questions or concerns – we are happy to help!

  • by e-mail at english@big-direkt.de
  • or by phone at 0231.5557 1555
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